Association Content Strategies for a Changing World Research Report Now Available

The ASAE Foundation has published the Association Content Strategies for a Changing World report. The research, underwritten by the Angerosa Foundation, was conducted by Carrie Hane, Hilary Marsh and me in 2017 and 2018.

We discussed highlights of the findings on Content Forum’s July 10 Weekly Check-in.

Carrie Hane, Hilary Marsh, and Dina Lewis, CAE discuss
the ASAE Foundation content strategy study

More than 600 people from 466 associations participated in the study surveys and interviews. We initially used a Profile Survey to quantify the number of content strategy tactics being used by the organization and categorized them as:

  • Beginning         Using 1 – 6 tactics
  • Intermediate    Using 7 – 13 tactics
  • Advanced         Using 14 or more tactics

Content strategy is more than just tactics. The interviews and an Insight Survey revealed that organizations operating at these levels had commonalities in the characteristics of their culture, operating mode, and focus. Ultimately, this classification became the framework for an association content strategy maturity model.

Share your comments about the report below, or join us (free to join) in discussing the report in Content Forum.

The report is free to ASAE members. The charge for nonmembers is $9.95

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